Mount Teide

101 things to do in Tenerife…

Well, there maybe not quite 101 listed here, but there are loads of excursions and activities to keep you busy in Tenerife no matter what your age or preferences.

If you are on holiday with your young children, then maybe a trip to Aqualand will be on the cards… whereas for teenagers or young adults that prefer a little more excitement, Siam Park might be more up your street with its Tower of Power and shark tunnel, or maybe you’d just prefer to relax on the beach and catch a few waves.

There are many places to try SCUBA diving, or if your a seasoned professional, you can rent the equipment and do your own thing. If you prefer drier activities, there are plenty of walks or you could try something a little more adventurous and go paragliding or parascending, jet skis… etc etc. There’s lots to choose from.

There are also many shows to see, as well as all the natural sights, such as our very own Mount Teide, the island’s volcano which is a must-visit if you haven’t been up the mountain before.

There’s just so much to do in Tenerife, don’t forget to check out what’s on offer and ask us about available excursions and we can advise you and point you in the right direction of the best places to visit or purchase tickets.

Have a great holiday!

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